Sunday, September 20, 2009

Steffi Schütze and Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School Berlin

LaLaVox here once again... I discovered Steffi Schütze's work when someone at a very nice art and photography forum that I belong to posted one of her illustrations there. I subscribed to her blog and one day a post came up featuring Tronicat la Miez. I had just posed as The Singing Mermaid at the last Hedoluxe-hosted Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School in Berlin back in mid-May and had met Tronicat there. It was fun for me to realize that Steffi - who's work I'd been admiring so much since discovering it - had been in the audience that night drawing us.

Hedoluxe, who hosts Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School Hamburg, decided back in May that he no longer wanted continue trying to host a Dr. Sketchy's in Berlin as well (he lives in Hamburg after all), and the post has now been taken over by Matthias Pflügner. And here's where Steffi comes in again. Matthias P. asked her to illustrate the poster for the next Dr. Sketchy's in Berlin; and what a delightful poster it is too:

The first Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School Berlin under Matthias Pflügner's care will be premiering on Saturday, October 10th at 3pm at White Trash Fast Food, and is planned as a regular monthly event there. I'm really looking forward to it! For one thing, I'm very much looking forward to meeting Steffi Schütze in person at last. And I'm looking forward to being in the crowd drawing once again instead of up onstage posing in mermaid garb... ;)

Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School Berlin, May 2009
Hosts: Molly Crabapple and Hedoluxe
Models: Hedoluxe, Hay Dee Sparks, Xarah von den Vielenregen,
The Singing Mermaid, Molly Crabapple, Marz Star,
Clea Cutthroat (aka Mollie Black), and Tronicat la Miez
Photos: Alan Smithee and Alan Smithee Jr.

Cheers, LaLaVox

p.s. Although Hedoluxe is no longer hosting Dr. Sketchy's events in Berlin, a little birdie has told me that he will be amongst the models posing in October... :)

p.p.s. - [update: added Aug.6th,2010 - The Singing Mermaid now has a website]

[edit: March 28th, 2011]
Because of problems with my current domain host, I have set my Mildred Loves You site up at an alternate address for for safe-keeping (but am still hoping that my domain will go back online at some point anyway)...

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Steffi Schütze said...

Awww, now I'm blushing! Thank you for your kind words!<3
I'm really looking forward to meeting you too!!