Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Brief Peek Through the Curtains...

Hi. LaLaVox here. Though this blog would tend to indicate otherwise, things have actually gone on at www.mildredlovesyou.com since late November 2008, so I have lots of catching up to do here.

I won't be doing it this time around though. That will all come during the 1st week of August - only days away from now. In the meantime I would just like to say that Mildred was talked into opening a FaceBook account last month by a 5 meter long albino Burmese python named Julius (and her owner, 8E). If you have a FaceBook account and would like to join Mildred and the rest of us there, you can find her profile here.

You might also want to drop by www.mildredlovesyou.com to take a peek at our July pin-up. Things still aren't completely back to 100% working order there yet, but I would very much like for you to see our very first pin-up featuring a guest star... (Pssst... Yes, you guessed it: our first guest star is Hedoluxe - of Dr. Sketchy's fame, etc...)

See you again in August!

[edit: March 28th, 2011]
Because of problems with my current mildredlovesyou.com domain host, I have set my Mildred Loves You site up at an alternate address for for safe-keeping (but am still hoping that my mildredlovesyou.com domain will go back online at some point anyway)...