Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The MildredLovesYou.com Domain Saga Continues (Day 10)

Yes indeed; the MildredLovesYou.com Domain Saga is continuing into its 10th day now. And something very fishy is apparently going on over at the company that supposedly hosts my mildredlovesyou.com domain.

I finally got my contact there on the phone again yesterday, and he said he would look into things. The domain has however continued to remain offline. Today he is simply hanging up on me (a different style of hanging up for each of my 3 calls; for call #2 I got to listen to the radio at his desk for a bit). WTF???

So, I have now moved a copy of the entire Mildred Loves You site over to my lalavoxbox.com domain. It's not completely functional yet (there will be broken links and such to be found), but all of the important stuff is already there. Here are the brand-spanking-new alternative addresses:


It's not really time for a site-relaunch yet, since it will take me a while to edit all of my posts here at the blog so that all of the images will be visible again (and since the site was already in need of a couple of updates anyway), but at least things are partially functional again now! *whew*

And now of course I'm wondering how to get my mildredlovesyou.com domain back!!! If anyone out there has any tips, please let me know!!!

In the meantime, so that this post will have something colorful as decoration, I thought I'd go down memory lane a bit here and embed the "Girl Galleries" video I posted over at YouTube back in 2007. It's a sort of slide-show for my LaLaVoxBox illustration portfolios (including lots of early drawings of Mildred and friends) with some very excellent music by Künstler Treu and Dauerfisch. Here 'tis:


Monday, March 28, 2011

A 4-Legged Mildred in Italy (+ Still Offline; Day 9)

My friend Julia has returned from a little trip to Sorrento Italy and just sent me this photo:

So I did a bit of Googling to see if I could find the source of this 4-legged, pigtail-wearing Mildred on a T-Shirt. I had no luck in finding her, but I did discover that there is a T-Shirt company out there called Mildred (run by one Uncle Mildred apparently). Uncle Mildred has nothing to do with the 4-legged Mildred T-Shirt in that shop window in Italy though, as far as I can tell. Did the name Mildred become a fad thang while I wasn't looking?...

Oh, and, today is now Day-9 of my mildredlovesyou.com domain being offline. I did finally get someone on the telephone again today, but, hours later, we still remain offline. :( I'll be patient until tomorrow; but then it's telephone time again. If it weren't so much trouble to change all of the direct links to specific pages on the site that I've posted in other places on the net, I'd switch the whole damn thing over to my lalavoxbox.com domain and leave only a redirecting index HTML over at mildredlovesyou.com. Grrrrr! >:(


p.s. ...a bit of a review of my Mildred, for your viewing pleasure...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Still Offline! >:(

My brother hosts my websites, and he just did a server switch for these sites over the weekend. This has had no effect on my lalavoxbox.com site, other than making it a bit faster here in Europe. But since the domain name for mildredlovesyou.com is hosted here in Germany, the change in DNS addresses has resulted in mildredlovesyou.com going offline this past Sunday. The site is still there, it's just that no one can see it. The domain host has been alerted, and I was told that the site would go back online Tuesday morning, but it is Thursday now, and we are still offline. My more recent emails have remained completely ignored as far as I can tell (I guess they don't want to be bothered on their week-long coffee break), so all I can do now is hope someone over there will finally take the 15 minutes or so necessary to type in the new DNS addresses. Wish me luck!

a very disgruntled LaLaVox