Monday, March 28, 2011

A 4-Legged Mildred in Italy (+ Still Offline; Day 9)

My friend Julia has returned from a little trip to Sorrento Italy and just sent me this photo:

So I did a bit of Googling to see if I could find the source of this 4-legged, pigtail-wearing Mildred on a T-Shirt. I had no luck in finding her, but I did discover that there is a T-Shirt company out there called Mildred (run by one Uncle Mildred apparently). Uncle Mildred has nothing to do with the 4-legged Mildred T-Shirt in that shop window in Italy though, as far as I can tell. Did the name Mildred become a fad thang while I wasn't looking?...

Oh, and, today is now Day-9 of my domain being offline. I did finally get someone on the telephone again today, but, hours later, we still remain offline. :( I'll be patient until tomorrow; but then it's telephone time again. If it weren't so much trouble to change all of the direct links to specific pages on the site that I've posted in other places on the net, I'd switch the whole damn thing over to my domain and leave only a redirecting index HTML over at Grrrrr! >:(


p.s. ...a bit of a review of my Mildred, for your viewing pleasure...

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