Thursday, November 27, 2008

Holiday Greetings and Hibernation News

Hello again! LaLaVox here. Happy Thanksgiving to you U.S. Americans celebrating today. Kitty Derail would like me to remind you that she and other Canadians already celebrated Thanksgiving back in October (Canada - 2nd Monday in October, U.S. - 4th Thursday in November)... :P ;)

Anyway... I just made this announcement over at this past Monday:

As much as I had hoped to get The Monday Pin-Up up and running when I began the series on June 16th, this year of 2008 has not been very cooperative along the way. So we here at have finally decided to simply calm our thoughts and let 2008 be. We now intend to hibernate until 2009. We hope you'll have lovely Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's celebrations while we slumber. And we look forward to seeing you all again in 2009 - bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready for a fresh start. Hugs + kisses to all of you, LLV - Mon., Nov. 25th, 2008

This hibernation is very necessary at the moment, but I really am looking forward to getting back to things in 2009. I'm looking forward to picking up where I left off with these last two Monday Pin-Ups:

Monday Pin-Up #19 – "Glass House"
featuring Mildred Mahler

Monday Pin-Up #20 – "Treasure"
featuring Tamara Toffy

All the best to all of you!

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to everyone!


[edit: March 28th, 2011]
Because of problems with my current domain host, I have set my Mildred Loves You site up at an alternate address for for safe-keeping (but am still hoping that my domain will go back online at some point anyway)...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Dr. Sketchy’s Again + The Monday Pin-Up on Hold + Halloween

Hello all. LaLaVox here. This past Saturday, October 25th, an offshoot of Molly Crabapple’s Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School returned to Berlin. It was hosted once again by the marvelous Hedoluxe (with a little co-hosting by myself this time around). Lethal Lily returned as a model and performer, and was joined by Clea Cutthroat and Mad Kate. These three treated us to much lovely artists’ modeling, shadow dancing that climaxed in flames, gorgeous stripping topped off with a bit of blood (to boot), and artfully wrapped hosiery (etc.) removed with a knife wielded with such beauty that I almost wept (Mildred would have been proud).

And so I’m really looking forward to Dr. Sketchy’s next appearance in Berlin – which is planned for sometime in January of 2009. (It’s rumored that a mermaid may be amongst the guests...)

But now back to itself...

On September 30th, I found myself forced to make this announcement:

Okay. I give up. I'm tired of making promises I hope I'll be able to keep and then can't manage to. Obviously my current life (between work, renovation activities, and assorted other stuff) will simply not allow me the time and piece of mind I need to be able to produce a weekly Monday Pin-Up. So until further notice there will simply be no more Monday Pin-Ups. Hopefully I can begin the series again at the end of October. I will announce my return on the Mildred Loves You Blogger blog (and various other places) and finally make the long-avoided official announcement at Mildred's MySpace page upon my return. In the meantime, THANK YOU to those of you who have been following my Monday Pin-Up birthing follies thus far. - Hugs and tearful kisses, LLV - Tues., Sept. 30th, 2008

And today, October 27th, I’m finding it necessary to make this announcement:

I had very much hoped to return The Monday Pin-Up series to you this very Monday, but alas, it was not to be. Life just won't allow it at the moment. And the way things look now, I may not be able to return to regular programming until mid November - although I do hope to be able to manage it sooner of course. In the meantime, I hope you'll all have a smashing Halloween this Friday! Cats + bats + hugs + kisses to all of you, LLV - Mon., Oct. 27th, 2008

A quick-fix Halloween collage has been added as a sort of greeting card for all of you lovelies out there. I wish I had time for more...

...And so my long-planned/long-avoided official Monday Pin-Up announcement at Mildred’s MySpace page will simply have to wait a bit longer (with her profile probably suffering continuing neglect for the time being as well). Mildred’s a trifle miffed with me of course, but what’s a girl to do? Duty calls.

Happy Halloween to all of you anyway! Paint the town black and orange for me!


[edit: March 28th, 2011]
Because of problems with my current domain host, I have set my Mildred Loves You site up at an alternate address for for safe-keeping (but am still hoping that my domain will go back online at some point anyway)...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dr. Sketchy’s in Berlin + Monday Pin-Up musings

Hello all. LaLaVox here. This past Monday, August 18th, 2008, Molly Crabapple and her Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School came to Berlin. I almost didn’t manage it, but I did make it after all, and I’m very glad that I did. It was a delightful evening!

And what is Dr. Sketchy’s, you might ask? It’s Burlesque Meets Art Class - Cabaret Life Drawing. It’s music and drinks and burlesque dancers, circus freaks, and other birds of paradise. It was great fun – even if I did feel terribly out of practice...

...I only get around to doing any life drawing once in a blue moon these days it seems, and I’m not the sort of person who takes a sketchbook with me everywhere I go (to draw in parks or cafés, etc). I admire, and am a tad envious of, folks who do, but it’s just not me. Sketchbooks I’ve taken with me have almost always been left un-drawn-in. More often than not, I’ve ended up writing diary entries in them instead. I guess when it comes to most public situations I simply prefer writing pictures to drawing them.

So I draw at home and for my illustration jobs. And these days I mostly tend to draw stuff more or less out of my head - with various photos as reference (I have a huge archive in the meantime. I’m a mad and hungry picture junkie and regularly scour the internet for reference material and images that inspire me). So drawing from live models made me feel inept and slightly helpless. But it was really good to get my life-drawing chops going again.

Berlin’s Dr. Sketchy guests were Dr. Sketchy’s creator herself, Molly Crabapple, and the extravagant likes of Hedoluxe, Joey Love, and Lethal Lily, among others. It was great meeting Molly. She’s a doll. And I also met the lovely, lovely folks from Dr. Sketchy’s Manchester there. There are Dr. Sketchys all over the place in the meantime, and I’m hoping a Dr. Sketchy’s Berlin can be set up as well. This one was a one-off, for starters. I took only my drawing supplies and myself, by the way - but once there I was sorry I had not also brought a camera. Lots of people did though, and I’m looking forward to seeing the first photos begin to appear online.

But now on to more directly things...

I haven’t actually made any big official Monday Pin-Ups announcements yet (Mildred’s MySpace page has been left dreadfully neglected for the past several months). A few people have been told and do visit, but I’ve been happy enough to sort of half-hide in our little corner of the internet so far. This is because I wanted to get into the swing of things before making a big deal out of it. And I’ve been having growing pains. Many of the pin-ups have been delayed along the way, and I’ve also simply not been satisfied with most of the results of my work so far. But I had promised myself I would start the series on Monday, June 16th, 2008, and I did - just jumped right into the deep end - even though I didn’t really feel ready to yet.

But my three most recent pin-ups have taken a slightly new direction that I’m much happier with, so a big official MySpace announcement shouldn’t be too much longer in coming now. :)

Monday Pin-Up #14 – "Shock Pink"
featuring Copper Kitten and Kitty Derail

Monday Pin-Up #15 – "Three Graces"
featuring Mildred Mahler, Tamara Toffy, and Coco Delish

Monday Pin-Up #16 – "Rocking Horse Godivas"
featuring Ivory Towers and Thérèse-Constance van Ticklinckx


[edit: March 28th, 2011]
Because of problems with my current domain host, I have set my Mildred Loves You site up at an alternate address for for safe-keeping (but am still hoping that my domain will go back online at some point anyway)...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Catching up after unexpected delays...

Unfortunately our Monday Pin-Up Introductory Week turned into a bit of a train wreck just after mid-week. This was due to unexpected technical difficulties and on-going time issues. But everything is finally on-line in the meantime, and things should continue normally from now on...

Mildred Loves You!

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Monday Pin-Up series begins!

Today is the very first day of The Monday Pin-Up series at - and from now on a new Mildred Loves You pinup will be posted every single Monday. But since this is our very first week at this, we will be having Introductory Week Pin-Up Specials every day this week, from Tuesday through Sunday, so be sure to come back for those. The regular weekly schedual will then begin immediately next Monday. And at some point or other we also plan to treat you to an Occasional Friday Special now and again; which could be anything under the sun - other than a pin-up, that is. ;) So keep an eye out for those too.

Mildred Loves You!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

MLY's first blogger post...

This is a test.... We've just now set up this blog, and so this is a first post to see how things will look!

While we're here though, we might as well go ahead and tell you that handmade Mildred Loves You! items are still available the Gal Institute boutique in the Chaussestrasse here in Berlin (Germany) through mid-March.

...And, that though web-carpentry at is not yet complete design-wise, it is already a fully functional website, with links to our online shops (The LaLaVox Shoppe at CafePress, plus Mildred shops at DaWanda, Burda Fashion, and Kay Berlin) and Mildred's MySpace pages. We hope you'll stop by and take a look. :)

...Oh, and, for those of you who don't yet know what the heck MLY is: Mildred Loves You! is a little universe of colorful characters starring three ex-pat neo-burlesque dancers and pinup girls -- Mildred Mahler, Kitty Derail, and Thérèse-Constance van Ticklinckx (all designed and drawn by LaLaVox) -- who live, love, and laugh in the delightful and creatively energizing city of Berlin.

Mildred Loves You!