Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mildred Loves You All! - ThankYouThankYouThankYou!!!

It was a fabulous, fabulous, fabulous night!!!!!! I can't thank you all enough for your exceptional, exceptional wonderfulness!!!! I will be blogging more about this soon, but for now I just want to thank everyone who was instrumental in making our MILDRED LOVES PINKY'S PEEPSHOW (and's 3rd Anniversary, and the best birthday bash I've had since I was 6 years old) evening/night/morning possible!!!! - And to everyone who came and partied with us!!!!! - And to the lovely folks who brought me extra birthday presents in spite of the fact that told them not too!!!!! *sniff!*

Also a big shout-out to Sheila Wolf for her loving review of the night over at her Queerlesque Blog. Those of you who can read German, please go an take a look!


Hugs + kisses,
LaLaVox aka

*Unfortunately the domain still remains offline to date, but the new alternative address is taking up the slack until things return to normal (and beyond too - for safety's sake).

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