Wednesday, May 25, 2011

FaceBook Prudery + An Upcoming 3rd Anniversary Party

Yesterday morning, when I went to view the current goings-on at FaceBook via our Mildred Mahler profile there, I was greeted with this bit of unpleasantness:

I see... Well... Candy-Box Rosie is actually wearing pasties and panties in this pin-up (yes, they are in pink, I know - but still), so I don't think it strictly literally violates any FaceBook prudery policies.

But I'm not the rebellious sort who enjoys going out of my way to prove a point. And I have neither the stomach nor the time for further aggravations or any ridiculous battles at the moment. So I have simply removed this image from my "Pin-Ups and Other Goodies" album at Face Book and locked that album down so that it is no longer completely publicly viewable.

Fine for me, really. It means that there will be a surprise or two for anyone who actually takes the extra effort to look at these pin-ups at our website rather than at Mildred's FaceBook profile. ...And - by the way - who out there was enough of an uptight busy-body to complain in the first place?!?...

While we're on the subject of Social Network Prudery, I might as well mention that a couple of years ago, when I was in the process of uploading our pin-ups to Mildred's now woefully neglected MySpace page, the police-bots there refused the above pin-up, and this one:

The other pin-ups were accepted without a fuss. I guess Candy-Box Rosie and Coco Delish are just too openly voluptuous in these two pin-ups. ;)

And now on to more pleasant news...

Our apparently shocking website will be celebrating its 3-Year Anniversary on June 16th. To kick this event off in style, we will be throwing a wild bash in conjunction with Pinky's Peepshow here in Berlin on June 15th (which is a Wednesday). Here are the flyers for said event:

I will be posting about this again soon, with links to the various artists' pages and such. And I hope I will be forgiven for adding a little reminder about this as a p.s. at the end of every single other blog-entry I post between now and then too. :P ;)

Hugs + kisses,
LaLaVox aka
The LaLaVox Doodle Diary (updated more or less daily)

* p.s.
Unfortunately the domain still remains offline to date, but the new alternative address is taking up the slack until things return to normal (and beyond too - for safety's sake).

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