Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Doodle Diary / Pictoplasma / Site News

For my birthday last year, I gave myself a 2nd blog. This 2nd blog was meant to get me doodling again (publicly that is), but it lay unused (except for the birthday post itself) until the end of this just newly past March. I am happy to report that I've finally gotten it going again at last, and that I've posted a weeks' worth of new Creature Doodles over at The LaLaVox Doodle Diary in the meantime:

With Intent to Doodle....
Doodling Again: Day 2
Doodling Again: Day 3
Doodling Again: Day 4
Doodling Again: Day 5
Doodling Again: Day 6
Doodling Again: Day 7

And since the Pictoplasma Festival starts today, and since my Doodles have a connection to Pictoplasma from way back (some of my Creature Doodles were featured at the old version of the website and in the first Pictoplasma book, published in 2001) I've also left a nice post called Pictoplasma-Induced Trance States over there as well. ;)

But now to some actual "Mildred Loves You" news...

My domain remains offline to date. The entire content of the site is now (and will continue to be) located at the new address, but I am planning to get my domain going again too at some point. I just need to organize a new domain host. To do that, however, I'll need to write a number of emails that I haven't managed to get to yet. I'll keep you posted.

In more pleasant news, I currently have a new Extra Goody in the works (a cooperative drawing with a good buddy), and hope to get that finished up and posted by next Monday.

I also plan to finally begin continuing the Mildred Loves Pin-Ups series again at last - starting soonish! These Pin-Ups always mean many, many hours of work though, so wish me luck!!!

But I would like to get 4 new Guest-Star pin-ups finished before's 3rd birthday party on June 15th+16th... We'll see how it goes. Help me out by keeping your fingers crossed!!! ;) :P :* =D

Hugs + kisses,
LaLaVox aka

The LaLaVox Doodle Diary (updated more or less daily)

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