Sunday, November 21, 2010

Today is Mildred's Birthday, But Not LaLaVox's

Hi! LaLaVox here again - as always - since Mildred's not really one for writing blogs and such...

...None the less, it is her birthday today. Folks who know me from back in the days when I was still active at various online music forums will know which fan-nerddom of mine led me to pick Nov. 21st as Mildred's birthday.

But since she and I not only share this blog but also a FaceBook profile (under her name rather than mine), there is much confusion about the birthday issue. I get to celebrate twice a year now; once for my own birthday - which is in June, and once for Mildred's.

And then there's the issue of what folks should call me when they meet me in public. This has already been addressed in my Mildred Mahler vs LaLaVox blog entry.

But it's more complicated than just Mildred and myself. There are also Lorelei Vanora and Lola la Voix to contend with. So I've prepared this chart to clear up some of the confusion. VoilĂ !

Yes. I know it's all a bit much, but I've made my bed and I now intend to lie in it... :P ;)

Hugs + kisses,

[edit: March 28th, 2011]
Because of problems with my current domain host, I have set my Mildred Loves You site up at an alternate address for for safe-keeping (but am still hoping that my domain will go back online at some point anyway)...

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