Monday, December 21, 2009

Mildred Mahler vs LaLaVox

Hello out there. LaLaVox again (as always). Recently, at some sort of party or other, a friend (with whom I was already connected at FaceBook) was telling another friend (with whom I was not yet connected at FaceBook) that I have the most confusing FaceBook profile ever.

She's right of course. But the reason for this is that I do not have a LaLaVox profile at FaceBook - I only have a Mildred Mahler profile at FaceBook.

At MySpace, on the other hand, I have one for myself (i.e. LaLaVox) and a separate one for Mildred. Unfortunately both of these remain woefully unattended to on an on-going basis. I have far too many different accounts online for my particular energy level and attention span in the meantime, and I simply refuse to add another to the list. Who has time for all this stuff anyway? I know I don't! So Mildred's FaceBook account (and this blog) will have to do for both of us simultaneously. It's not as if Mildred could be expected to help out, after all.

So who is Mildred Mahler and who is LaLaVox? Well, first of all let's clarify who Mildred Mahler is not: Mildred Mahler is not the artist who illustrates the cartoon pin-ups that grace the pages of and Mildred Mahler's FaceBook and MySpace photo galleries. That would be me - LaLaVox (surprise, surprise). And now to clarify who Mildred Mahler is: Mildred Mahler is, is my cartoon pin-up creation; the figure head for - the representative of - our Mildred Loves You website, all of the additional cartoon-pin-ups who romp there, and the peculiar mini-universe I plan to continue building around her. She sprang unannounced from my pencil one wee hour in late 2006 looking exactly like this:

My MySpace LaLaVox profile declares that I am a Gemini who grew up in different parts of Mississippi (and other Southern places), and that I'm attached. Mildred's MySpace and FaceBook profiles report to the world that she is a Scorpio and single. They may also mention that she's originally from New Orleans, but I can't remember at this point, and am loath to go and check while in the process of writing this blog entry. Whatever our differences in background, astrological arrangement, and partner status however, we both live in (and love) Berlin these days! - just so you know...

And before I say goodbye for this time around, I'd like to leave you with a little collage of Mildred's development between her impromptu premier appearance in late 2006 and this very tail end of 2009.

...Oh yeah. And here's a bit of me as well...

...Alright then. That'll do for now.

Hugs + kisses,

[edit: March 28th, 2011]
Because of problems with my current domain host, I have set my Mildred Loves You site up at an alternate address for for safe-keeping (but am still hoping that my domain will go back online at some point anyway)...

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